2017: New Year, Better T2T

2016 was a great year for our organization. Here are some highlights:

  • At the beginning of the year we formally became our own student group
  • Awarded the Husky Innovation Award by the Center for Student Involvement during the Student Life Awards
  • Increased the number of donation bin locations and the collection period – this resulted in 25% more donations!
  • First year we held a pre-sale Silent Auction for hot ticket items
  • Had over 2,000 students attend the sale
  • First year we took over @NortheasternU snapchat
  • Featured in Huntington News, and NUTV
  • First year we accepted Husky Dollars at the sale and used an online self-checkout app (developed by T2T member Camden Phalen)
  • First year of The Husky Closet Initiative – new program at Northeastern, sponsored by the Career Development Office, John. D. O’Bryant African-American Institute, Social Justice Resource Center, and Trash2Treasure

It’s barely 2017 but we already have another first! First year doing a winter collection/sale.

Do you want to get involved and make a positive impact? Contact us via Facebook or email (NUTrash2Treasure@gmail.com)


Our 2016 Collection Statistics


Collection 2016 - Top Student Group Hours

We hope this compiled information helps put into perspective the amount of hard work our volunteers put in this year!

While volunteering for T2T, the immense amount of donations we receive is overwhelming and may seem like an endless stream of nonsense work. Every little bit helps and T2T is proud to be part of such a community service driven community!

For more statistics check out our statistics page