The BINS are back in town!

Report a full or missing bin. Bin Reporting form.

Happy Earth day and happy first day of collection!

We’re exciting to get started with the collection and continue to make a difference with the Northeastern community. Check out the donate tab for all of our locations and donating guidelines. This makes the job easier for our volunteers and keeps them safe. Collection site not in your dorm? Speare’s bin is before the proctors and we will accept donations at our collection headquarters in West Village C classroom!

We will be accepting volunteers for the whole collection!



Yet another successful collection!

T2T 2015

All of our hard work planning, and preparing for the collection has paid off. This year has been the most successful collection with saving 3,360 cubic feet of items from the landfill! We were able to:

  • Increase the number of bin locations so donating to T2T is more convenient for the NU community (thank you NEU Facilities!)
  • With the increase in bin locations, we filled all of our storage pods! (thank you Door to Door!)

Also a thanks to PLAN for the partner discounts and canteen bottles, and a HUGE thanks to all of our volunteers that dedicated their time during the event!

More information on the 2015 Fall Welcome Week sale soon!