Northeastern University’s Trash2Treasure was created to address the immense amount of waste associated with student move-out.

The Trash2Treasure project hopes to:

  •      Educate students about the proper way to dispose, recycle, or reuse items that they no longer want
  •      Assist the surrounding Northeastern University community with the advantages that can be realized with the abundance of donate-able goods that the Northeastern student body inevitably accumulates
  •      Promote a lifestyle at Northeastern devoid of the word “waste”; to inform students that all material goods can have a purpose besides the trash can and create a more conscientious student body that can learn to live without excess

Operating principles of Trash2Treasure

  • Community-oriented event geared towards benefiting the Northeastern University community: all beneficiaries of money or donations are to be Northeastern University- or Boston-based organizations. The best effort will be made for this same principle to be observed in all operating procedures, from sourcing to disposal.
  • An initiative to promote a closed-loop system where waste does not exist.
  • Educate students to make smart disposal choices on their own and to observe waste disposal R’s in the proper order: first reduce, followed by reuse, and finally recycle. 

Click here for our History and learn about our first year of operation!

The event would not be made possible without our gracious partners and donors:

    • NU Facilities partners with T2T to ensure all logistics of the program run smoothly.
    • PODS provides storage and moving services, including summer storage for college students.
    • PLAN a network of student leaders working to create a world without waste.

To get involved or stay connected you can reach us at:  nutrash2treasure@gmail.com or follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter!

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