Our 2016 Collection Statistics

Compiled Statistics - 2

Collection 2016 - Top Student Group Hours

We hope this compiled information helps put into perspective the amount of hard work our volunteers put in this year!

While volunteering for T2T, the immense amount of donations we receive is overwhelming and may seem like an endless stream of nonsense work. Every little bit helps and T2T is proud to be part of such a community service driven community!

For more statistics check out our statistics page

The BINS are back in town!

Report a full or missing bin. Bin Reporting form.

Happy Earth day and happy first day of collection!

We’re exciting to get started with the collection and continue to make a difference with the Northeastern community. Check out the donate tab for all of our locations and donating guidelines. This makes the job easier for our volunteers and keeps them safe. Collection site not in your dorm? Speare’s bin is before the proctors and we will accept donations at our collection headquarters in West Village C classroom!

We will be accepting volunteers for the whole collection!


Here are some photos from our past sale

7th Annual Sale Success!

What a great sale! This year we expanded our sale to two rooms (for the first time!) – the Curry Student Center Ballroom and the Curry Student Center McLeod suites. It was a huge feat but with dedicated and hardworking volunteers we accomplished everything we set out to do. We were very glad we could reward our volunteers for their hard work with water bottles provided by PLAN and the occasional pie of pizza.

This sale we had approximately 1,300 NU students come to shop. We saved 3,360 cubic feet of goods from going to the landfill. We made a total of $8,840 (without taking out operating costs). After we pay for operating costs the rest of the money gets distributed to student groups that volunteered their time for our collection and sale.

The day after our sale we hosted Storage wars at our DoorToDoor pods to further distribute more items to the NU community. Some of the excess items we have gets recycled (plastic/glass/electronics/shoes/clothing). With a huge help from Balloons Over Boston we were able to donate the rest of our items to Goodwill.

We are ecstatic with all the work we were able to accomplish this collection and sale. We’re hungry to reduce, recycle and reuse more for our next collection!
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